Guests FMF 2022

Alice Pataxó, an activist for the rights of indigenous communities in Brazil

Tiha K. Gudac, director of the film The Wire

Tine Lindič, protagonist of the film The Wire

Cristian Natoli, director of the film The Jungle

Diyar Hesso, cofounder of Rojava Film Commune (films Hêza (Strenght) and Blackberry Season)

Jakob Krese, director of the film What remains on the way

Annika Mayer, producer of the film What remains on the way

Nika Autor, author of  Newsreel 4517 – Across the Water into Freedom, Newsreel 2021 – Here I Have Picture, Newsreel 670 – Red Forests

Anže Grčar, director of the film (In)visible

Ana Grzetič, film editor of the film (In)visible

Ole Jacobs and Arne Büttner, directors of the film Nasim

Robert Soko, protagonist of the film Here we move here we groove

Anton Martin Emeršič, director of the film Tempest

Ahmed Maamo, protagonist of the film Tempest

Romana Zidar, representative of UNHCR Regional Office for Central Europe

Maida Džinić, initiator of the project It Happened Very Close to Us

Sonja Gole, Government Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants

dr. Mojca Pajnik, The Peace Institut