Not Go Gentle

country, year
Slovenia, 2022

short documentary

running time

directed by
Sasha Ihnatovich



about the film
Idyllic villages hide traces of sorrow and suffering inflicted to humans by each other. One needs to be ready to witness the darkness guarded by the dreams and hopes and to not get lost in the mist. The short film is based on the stories of people who cross the borders in search of safety and peace and who find humiliation and torture instead. Despite everything they are not giving up.

about the author
Sasha Ihnatovich is a feminist filmmaker, educator and visual culture researcher from Belarus, currently working in Slovenia.

festivals and awards
– London Migration Film Festival, UK, 2022

– The Fourteenth Edition of the Naples Human Rights Film Festival, Italy, 2022

– International short Film Festival FROM – Returnees, Serbia, 2022

– FEKK Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2022

– Izola Film Festival, Video on the Beach, Slovenia, 2022

– Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Germany, 2022

– Izolacija (2021)

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