FMF 2014 unveils its new visual identity

FMF 2014 unveils its new visual identity

Films bring the world of heroes to our everyday lives, serving as a balm for the soul and as opium for the mind. Life is squeezed into 120 minutes to depict the victory of good over evil, individuals who overcome all obstacles to be able to fulfil their dreams, win the heart of their love and live happily ever after. Films are Hollywood.

The reality is different. 120 minutes are no more than 2 hours and every day has 24. Outside of the Hollywood studios no triumph comes without great sacrifice, and the good is often so tainted that only a label on the shoulder or the language in which the persecuted are screamed at sets it apart from the evil… For a number of years now, the Festival of Migrant Film has been presenting the portraits of those who live on the edge of existence and are forced to cross borders in search of happiness.

This year’s visual identity aims to motivate people to make a stand against naivety. Indeed, life is a fairytale if you can close your eyes and ears and hold your tongue about the injustices that permeate the lives of so many people, often migrants.

By reinterpreting the three monkeys that see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing we wish to encourage people to open their eyes, unclog their ears and bravely speak up about the world that is the reality for millions of people.

The image shows three converts – evil does exist and we can fight it by seeing it, hearing it and above all talking about it. The metaphor of the monkeys is retained as it graphically illustrates the absurdity of migrant life: uniformed clerks who don’t want to hear the stories of the individuals, don’t want to see the truth, but simply reject applications in silence and as a matter of routine… If we were able to symbolically convert the monkeys, we might do the same with people some day.

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