The european dream: Serbia

country, year                    
Spain, 2018

short documentary

running time

directed by
Jaime Alekos



about the film

»The European Dream: Serbia« is an investigative documentary by journalist Jaime Alekos about the Hungarian police. It explores how they torture the refugees and migrants they catch trying to cross their border and the harsh living conditions in which they survive in Serbia awaiting an opportunity to enter the EU.

You can watch the trailer here.

about the author

Jaime Alekos is an award-winning independent journalist from Madrid who specializes in human rights and animal abuse. He had won many awards and his work about animal abuse in Spain has been published in almost all Spanish media.

festivals and awards

Migration Media Awards, 2018

Adriatic Film Festival, 2018

Festival de Cine de la Almunia, 2018

60 Seconds Or Less Video Festival, 2018

Leiria Film Fest, 2018