Europe Next Door / Evropa preko plota

country, year EvropaPrekoPlota20
Serbia, 2005


running time

directed by
Želimir Žilnik



At Roko Babičković’s farm, in the vicinity of the Hungarian border, ten hired hands are engaged and amongst them two brothers and their sister Anica. The newly established Schengen border has stopped the trade and travels to Hungary which was formerly a part of the local populace’s business. Anica decides to get married in Hungary and acquire the working documents that way. Master Roko supports her decision, helps her find the false groom who will marry her for the money. The film is a story about life on a farm, Roka’s friends tradesmen and smugglers; it is about Anica’s wedding, going to Hungary but also about her return after half a year spent trying in vain to find a job she could keep.

Zilnik_Zelimirabout the author
Želimir Žilnik (born in Niš in 1942; currently living and working in Novi Sad) has written and directed numerous feature and documentary films which have reaped many awards at domestic and international film festivals. Žilnik is renowned as an initiator of the “docudrama” genre. From the very beginning his films have focussed on contemporary issues, featuring social, political and economic assessments of everyday life …

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