country, year
Italy, France, Belgium, 2021


running time

directed by
Matteo Ferrarini



about the film
‘Ethbet!’ means ‘Hold on!’, the phrase that the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square cried out to encourage their friends to resist during the uprising that emergedin Cairo on 25 January 2011. Today, ten years after this failed  revolution, how is the life of to the revolutionaries? What happens when a military regime, despite a multitude of street protests enthusiastically covered by the world media, manages to gain strength instead of falling? The regime of Abdel Fatteh Al Sisi continues to carry out forced disappearances, imprisonments without trial, and torture. The documentary follows the lives of two activists who are now living in exile, Shaimaa El-Banna and Ahmed Ali, both of whom were imprisoned despite being teenagers, and Mohamed Lotfy, who has stayed in Cairo and runs the local office of the humanitarian NGO Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedom. The film shows how each of them continues to fight from their scattered locations: they  learn how to escape the Egyptian government’s digital surveillance, the strive to raise global awareness and they carry out the lobbying campaign among the European governments trying to convince them to put aside their trade interest and defend the freedom of expression and democracy.

about the author
Matteo Ferrarini made his debut in 2011 with Jali Road, a fullyindependent and self-produced project, shot in Malavi and selected for competition at the Rome Film Festival in 2011. His second film, Buracos, was shot in Brazil in 2012 and selected for several international festivals, as well as Nar per fer, co-produced by Small Boss and Decima Rosa and shot with the contribution of the Trentino Film Commission. His latest film, The Last Cathedral, shot with the contribution of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, MIBACT and the City of Modena, has been broadcasted in Italy, Brazil, Sweden and Croatia.

The last cathedral (2018)
Nar per fer (2015)
Buracos, the diamond’s legacy (2013)
Jali road (2011)