Driving instructor wanted / Körlärare sökes

country, year
Sweden, 2018

short documentary

running time

directed by
Mitra Sohrabian

Swedish, Somali


about the film
One day Sara reads on Facebook about some Muslim girls from Somalia who need a driving instructor. Together with her husband and an artist friend they start teaching the whole family to drive. Slowly, they develop a true friendship. Anything can happen, every car they encounter is a new adventure. Their meetings are filled with warmth, laughter and hugs.

about the author
Mitra was born in Mashad, Iran in 1957. She works full time as a film director, animator, documentary filmmaker, and artist in England, Iran and  Sweden.

festivals and awards
Tempo internationella film festival Stockholm, 2019
Royal cinema Luleå Sweden, 2019
Havre magasin Boden Luleå, 2019

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