Document: Hoyerswerda|Frontex / Dokument: Hoyerswerda|Frontex

country, yearFrontex
Germany, 2014


running time

directed by
Thomas Kaske



The Video work Document: Hoyerswerda| Frontex tells the stories of four contract workers from Mozambique, who are reporting their view of the racial attacks, which happened in Hoyerswerda in September 1991. Their stories were captured in form of protocols with the help of Waltraud Spill, a German woman, who helped a lot of African co-workers to deal with the daily life in the former GDR. The artist read these protocols and edited Archive Foo- tage from Hoyerswerda and surveillance footage from Frontex. In the Frontex footage you can see, how the arrests of refugees where recorded by a drone. This footage is used by Frontex for training use. The montage is supposed to make the viewer think of the last 23 years of the European asylum policy. Could the heard stories of the Mozambican contract workers also took place at the Greek-Turkish border in 2015?

thomas kaskeabout the author
Thomas Kaske was born 1984 in East Brandenburg. During school he was also living in Nairobi. He studied Cultural Anthropology and Film Studies at the FU Berlin. He finished his M.F.A in Media Art / Media Design at Bauhaus University Weimar. He worked for several film festivals Ethnofilmfest Berlin 2007, Asian Hot Shots 2009, Afrikamera 2012. He produced different short documentaries in Berlin and Vienna. Since 2008 he is working for the MA Visual and Media Anthropology at the FU Berlin. In 2013 he worked as the archive researcher for the feature length documentary film “Comrade where are you today?” by Kirsi Liimatainen (Ilangafilms Berlin, 2014). He is interested in the use of archive footage and in rewriting and deconstructing history through Media Art.

Filmography: Beeskow in Berlin (2010), Document: Hoyerswerda|Frontex (2014)


festivals, awards
Ethnofest Athens; Filmfest Dresden; Neisse Filmfest; IKFF Hamburg.