Dent de lleó / Dandelion

country, year                    
Spain, 2016

short animated film

running time

directed by
Jorge Bellver

no dialogue

about the film
The wind has no boundaries, dreams have no limits. The flight of a dandelion from the heart of Africa to our coasts symbolizes future hope for millions of people in a globalized world.

about the author
Jorge Bellver, born in 1975, is a producer, director and photographer from Valencia. His work includes making music videos, commercials, infomercials, short films, series and online content. In 2012 he has started to work with animated films, as a scriptwriter and director of an animated series called ‘Greta y Los Vegefantásticos’.

festivals and awards

Cortoons Festival Gandia, Spain

Festival de Cinema de Girona, Spain

Zanzibar International Film Festival

Arroios Film Festival, Portugal

International Festival of Red Cross

Palm Springs International Animation Festival, California

Gulu International Film Festival, Uganda

Greta y Los Vegefantáticos: Pilot Episode, (2012)