Delayed / Verspätet

country, year
Germany, 2017

short fiction

running time

directed by
Anoush Masoudi



about the film
A young Iranian meets a young Afghan at a train station. Oblivious to their respective nationality, they start talking with each other about a song they both like. And thus, they overcome the conflicts that plague their homes and they quickly learn that they share one mutual feeling: loneliness in a foreign country.

about the author
Anoush was born in 1990 in Tehran, Iran. He got his film training at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society (2004 to 2005); later he studied directing and scriptwriting at Tehran University (2008 to 2014). He began his studies of film science and art history at University of Jena in 2015. In 2016/2017 he was a participant of the TP2 Talentpool for emerging filmmakers from Central Germany.

festivals and awards
13. FILMthuer 2017

Filmografija / Filmography: A Genealogy of History of Insanity (2016), We Are All Rejected (2015).