The Cracker Effect / Abbassa L’Italia

country, year
Italy, 2019

short feature film, mockumentary

running time

directed by
Giuseppe Cacace, Alfredo Fiorillo



about the film
News breaks out like a bomb. Because of a genetic mutation immigrants living in Italy seem to weigh far more, despite being visibly thinner. Is that wondrous country in danger of sinking? A TV journalist looking for a scoop decides to endorse the strange theory. A mockumentary about fake news, media, politics, Italy.

about the authors
Architect and filmmaker, Giuseppe Cacace has been working in the cinema for ten years. His goal is to promote the inclusion and socialization of autistic people using films and cinema. He’s the director of AS Film Festival in Rome (since 2013).

Director, screenwriter and copywriter Alfredo Fiorillo started to work in cinema and advertising after getting a degree in literature and a master in film directing and screenwriting. From 1999 on, he has been working actively as director and screenwriter, realizing many short films and advertising campaigns.

festivals and awards
Cinemed – Festival International du Cinéma Méditerranéen de Montpellier 2019, France
(Official Selection)
CineMigrare 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Sardinia Film Festival 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Amicorti 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Corto e a capo – Daena Anima e immagine 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Gargano Film Fest – Provo.Corto 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Terra di Tutti Film Festival 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Mediterraneo Video Festival 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Adriatic Film Festival 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Amarcort Film Festival 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Magma – Mostra di cinema breve 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
COFFI – CortOglobo Film Festival 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Solidando Film Festival 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Lamezia Film Festival 2019, Italy (Official Selection)
Corto Confine Film Festival 2020, Italy (Official Selection)


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