More than 120 films and video art works from 35 countries (and quite a few more when considering international co-productions) have been submitted for consideration for the 4th edition of the Festival of Migrant Film in Ljubljana before the conclusion of the submission period. Evidently, the kind word about FMF has been migrating and spreading indefatigably worldwide and reached some of the most distant spots in the world!

The list of received works is rich and diverse, but members of the programme team rolled up their sleeves, selected the very best of submitted films and arranged them within thematic sections which should offer the audience some useful guidance in June. The selected 32 feature length and 29 short films (and, if possible, we might add a few more for a good measure!) are arranged into the following sections:

Portraits includes films which present lives, stories and experiences of individual migrants.

Ngutu Ngutu, Daniel Valledor & Felipe del Olmo, Spain, 2012, short, 5′, English subtitles.

Symphony for a Street Musician / Simfonie voor een Straatmuzikant, Sergej Kreso, Netherlands, 2004, documentary, 22′, English subtitles.

Descent into Paradise / Descente au Paradis, Israël Feferman, Switzerland, 2010, documentary, 45′, English subtitles.

Over the River / Over the River, Dorottya Zurbó, Portugal, 2013, documentary, 10′, English subtitles.

The Second Mother / A doua mamӑ, Bianca Sescu, Romania, 2011, documentary, 11′, English subtitles.

Corsino, by Cole Kivlin Corsino, por Cole Kivlin, Luis Argeo, Spain, 2010, documentary, 65′, in English language.

Shipwreck Naufragio, Pedro Aguilera, Spain/Germany, 2010, drama, 94′, English subtitles.

Europe Trap Europe Trap, Anna Giralt Gris, Spain/Greece, 2013, documentary, 46′, English subtitles.

Red Wool Kyakä La Na, Adriana Cepeda Espinosa, Columbia/USA/ Guatemala, 2012, short, 12′, English subtitles.


Communities features films focused on immigrant communities.

Germania Germania, Maximiliano Schonfeld, Argentina, 2012, drama, 72′, English subtitles.

The Remittances Las Remesas, Juan Carrascal Ynigo, Spain/El Salvador, 2009, short experimental, 4′, Es.

Strange Folks / Vraem Luuj, Sergej Kreso, Netherlands, 2012, documentary, 56′, English subtitles.

Rickshaw Rush / Riksaláz, Gergő Somogyvári, Hungary, 2012, documentary, 55′, English subtitles.

Like Home / Kot doma, Coralie Girard & Nadica Denić, Slovenia, 2012, documentary, 9′, English subtitles.

Char… the No-man’s Island / … Moddhikhane Char, Sourav Sarangi, India, 2012, documentary, 88′, English subtitles.

The Isle of Women Demo Reel, Erwin Maisch, France, 2013, documentary, 30′, English subtitles.


The In rhythm section features films which address audience through music, the universal language.

Untitled (Italian National Anthem) / Untitled (Italian National Anthem), Raffaella Crispino, Italy, 2009, short video, 3′.

Song N˚12 (with Sadia Lepagnol) Song N˚12 (with Sadia Lepagnol), Céline Trouillet, France, 2011, experimental music video, 4′.

Song N˚18 (with Céleste Garcia) Song N˚18 (with Céleste Garcia), Céline Trouillet, France, 2012, experimental music video, 4′.

Song N˚21 (with Elise Perez) Song N˚21 (with Elise Perez), Céline Trouillet, France, 2012, experimental music video, 5′.

The Mighty River El Grann Río, Ruben Plataneo, Argentina/Guinea, 2012, documentary, 92′, English subtitles.

Graffiti Street / Ulica grafita, Sergej Kreso, Netherlands, 2007, documentary, 56′, English subtitles.

Tamikrest Tamikrest,  Peter Braatz,  Germany/Slovenia, 2013, documentary, 80′, sp.

Clean Sauber, Chris Brandl, Germany, 2009, experimental video, 1′, English subtitles.


Refugees features films focused on refugees and international protection and are dedicated to celebration of the World Refugee Day.

Displacement Desplazamiento, Magdalena Cernadas, Argentina, 2013, experimental animation video, 2′.

Field of Amapolas / Jardín de Amapolas, Juan Carlos Melo Guevara, Colombia, 2012, drama, 87′, English subtitles.

Persepolis / Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi, France/USA, 2007, animation, 95′, Slovene subtitles.

Other Europe / Altra Europa, Rossella Schillaci, Italy, 2010, documentary, 75′, English subtitles.

Seeking Haven – Surviving in the Shadow of your Alter ego / Seeking Haven – Surviving in the Shadow of your Alter ego, Harkjoon Lee & Dongkyun Ko & Hein S. Seok, South Korea/France, 2012, documentary, 52′, English subtitles.

Story, Boštjan Vrhovec, Slovenia, 2010, drama, 12′, English subtitles.

Nowhere in Europe Kein Ort, Kerstin Nickig, Germany/Poland, 2009, documentary, 98′, English subtitles.

Mohamed and the Fisherman / Mohamed e il Pescatore, Marco Leopardi, Italy, 2012, documentary, 52′, English subtitles.


Fortress Europe comprises films which discuss Europe’s relations and policies concerning migrants.

The Road to Paradise Sur La Route du Paradis, Uda Benyamina, France, 2011, drama, 42′, English subtitles.

Andalusia, My Love! Al-Andalus mon amour!, Mohamed Nadif, Morocco, 2011, comedy thriller, 86′, English subtitles.

Ghosts / Ghosts, Nick Broomfield, Great Britain, 2006, drama, 96′, English subtitles.

Tomorrow Would Be Another Day / Avrio Tha Itan Mia Alli Mera, Stefanos Mondelos, Greece, 2011, documentary, 28′, English subtitles.

Closed Sea Mare Chiuso, Stefano Liberti & Andrea Segre, Italy, 2012, documentary, 62′, English subtitles.

Anna & Saihou – A Love Story Anna & Saihou – eine Liebesgeschichte, Denise Dismer, Germany, 2013, documentary, 43′, English subtitles.

Boundary Line / Am Rande, Maja Connors & Pablo Narezo & Yasmin Angel, Germany, 2013, documentary, 17′, English subtitles.

Their Youth Leur Jeunesse, David Roux, France, 2012, drama, 13′, English subtitles.

The Wait The wait, Nayeem Mahbub, Portugal, 2013, short, 8′, English subtitles.

Foreign Fremd, Miriam Fassbender, Germany, 2011, documentary, 93′, English subtitles.

How Much Further? / How Much Further?, ECRE & The Greek Forum of Refugees & Matthias Wiessler, Belgium/Greece, 2012, 47′, documentary, English subtitles.

National Identity / L’Identité Nationale, Valérie Osouf, France, 2012, documentary, 79′, English subtitles. Screening in the presence of the director.

Welcome to Hotel Europe / Welcome to Hotel Europe, Sara Preradović, Serbia, 2012, documentary, 28′, English subtitles.

The Fragments (My Mouth, My Revolt, My Name) / Les Eclats (Ma gueule, ma révolte, mon nom), Sylvain George, France, 2011, documentary, 84′, English subtitles.


The I will always love you section brings into focus migrants’ attitudes and thoughts about their homelands and people from which they have been separated.

My House Without Me Mój dom, Magdalena Szymków, Poland/Great Britain, 2012, documentary, 29′, English subtitles.

Children of September / Eylül Cocuklari, Hülya Karci, Germany/France, 2009, documentary, 74′, English subtitles.

And I Only Loved You … / And I Only Loved You …, Daniel Djamo Nicolae, Romania, 2012, experimental video, 2′.

Saudade Saudade, Marta Tomás & Irene Guede, Spain/Brazil, 2013, short, 12′, English subtitles.

Dan Albert’s Paella La paella de Daniel Albert, James D. Fernández & Luis Argeo, Spain/USA, 2013, documentary, 35′, English subtitles.

Mupepy Munatim / Mupepy Munatim, Pedro Peralta, Portugal, 2012, short, 19′, English subtitles.

The Vow / Le Voeu, Ji Qiaowei, France, 2012, drama, 24′, English subtitles.


Section Beyond borders is somewhat of a novelty of the 4th edition of the festivals and comprises films which, while at the first glance not focusing directly or exclusively on migrations, approach migration-related topics from diverse perspectives and within a broader socio-cultural context.

The Court of Shards Scherbengericht, Jan Eilhardt, Germany, 2012, experimental drama, 75′, English subtitles.

Phnom Penh Lullaby Kołysanka z Phnom Penh, Paweł Kloc, Poland, 2011, documentary, 98′, English subtitles.

Happiness … Promised Land Le Bonheur… Terre Promise, Laurent Hasse, France, 2011, 94′, documentary, English subtitles.

A Resident of the City / Ahad Sokan Al-Madina, Ahmed Gharib, Egypt, 2012, experimental, 17′, English subtitles.

Our Best Years / I nostri anni migliori, Stefano Collizzolli & Matteo Calore, Italy, 2011, documentary, 45′, English subtitles.