Catastrophe Blues / Katastrofični blues I

country, year
Slovenia, 2020

short experimental video

running time

WoW Group, OT Platform, Đejmi Hadrović, Tanja Završki

English, Arabic, Russian, Slovenian

about the video
In collaboration with the City of Women, we are hosting short video Catastrophic Blues I (2020), a self-portrait of the WoW Group – the artists Sammar Al Kerawe, Favor Edokpayi Musa, Katja Kovač, Victoria Pospelova and Samar Zughool. Togheter with group coordinator Tanja Završka and Dublin artists Bernie O’Reilly and Maud Hendricks (Outlandish Theater Platform), last year they were researching, for several months, the relation between oppressors, persecution systems and precariousness by, among other, reading Samuel Beckett’s The Catastrophe. In self-portraits, created in collaboration with the artist Đejma Hadrović, they explored the issue of precarious work and the spaces related to precariousness.