The Border Fence / Die Bauliche Massnahme

country, year                    
Austria, 2018


running time

directed by
Nikolaus Geyrhalter


English and Slovenian

about the film
The story of this film is located on the border of Italy and Austria, on the mountain pass called Brenner, in the year 2016. The Austrian government gives an order to build a fence on this border because they were expecting a lot of refugees. The local people are afraid of the fence, just like they are of the refugees who are suspected to cross the border. Two years later and the fence still lies in the containers, because there were no refugees.  

You can watch the trailer here.

about the author
Nikolaus Geyrhalter was born 1972, in Vienna, Austria. He has directed, produced, written, and worked as a cinematographer for numerous documentaries. His first documentary was the 1994 film Washed Ashore (German: Angeschwemmt), about life on the Danube.



Eisenerz (1992), Angeschwemmt (1994), Das Jahr nach Dayton (1997), Pripyat (1999), Elsewhere (2001), Fremde Kinder (2003), Our Daily Bread (2005), 7915 Km (2008), Allentsteig (2010), Abendland (2011), Donauspital (2012), Homo Sapiens (2016), Die Bauliche Massnahme (2018).