Bariz (Paris), Street Camp Days / Bariz (Paris), Le Temps des Campements

country, year
France, 2020


running time

directed by
Nicolas Jaoul

French, Arabic, English


about the film
Summer 2015, Paris, La chapelle neighbourhood. Hundreds of exiled people recently arrived from East Africa are surviving on the streets. Chased violently by the police but supported by a large group of neighbours, during two months they will seek to recreate the campsite in order to defend collectively they rights as asylum seekers. From police raids to “humanitarian evacuation”, fake housing offers and failed promises, the authorities tried to disperse them, silence them and reduce them to an invisibility that they will contest by organizing sidewalk assemblies and protest marches. Some months later, after having finally obtained their rightful housing, two Sudanese young men come back on these sites where they first landed and talk about their arrival in Paris during this agitation. Their words carry the urgency to recreate some commons and to reinvent solidarities in the heart of the city. While the former sites of these camps are today surrounded by fences, « Bariz », which is how Paris is spelt in Arabic, is an attempt to leave a trace of this moment of solidarity, as told by two migrants.

This film was made by supporters of the movement on a voluntary basis. It’s specificity compared to other films on migrants in Paris is that the narration is left to the migrants.

about the author
Nicolas Jaoul is a political and visual anthropologist as well as a film maker from the CNRS. He was trained in ethnographic film making first in the department of Jean Rouch at the unversity of Nanterre and the Ateliers Varan also founded by him. Interested by the politicization of the underprivileged margins, he specialized on the untouchables’ (dalit) movement against caste in India, and recently started working on the politicization of migrants in France.

festivals and awards
Selected at “Regards de Terrain” section, Festival Jean Rouch (comité du film ethnographique, Paris)

Sangharsh (Strife), Sister Productions (2018, 105 min.)