The 25% Revolution

country, year
Belgium, 2021

short documentary

running time

The video was made by Broederlijk Delen, supported by the EEB and the Climate of Change project.

produced by
StoryMe &

French, Dutch, Spanish, English


about the film
From the hidden costs of our current model to existing alternatives and inspiring resistance to environmental destruction: The 25% Revolution shows what is possible right here and right now.

The documentary features alternatives to the ‘take-make-use-lose’ economy both in theory and practice. Narrated by well known system change advocates such as Kate Raworth, ‘The 25% revolution’ showcases inspirational examples of what is possible right here and right now. “As this film makes clear, it’s time to transform our economies so that they are in service to human and planetary health, and enable us to thrive in dynamic balance. How we make this happen is the existential economic question of our times,” says Raworth.